Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chanel's Soleil Tan De Chanel

This has to be one of the best make-up products that I have ever purchased, ever. Being said, this is definitely a luxury beauty product, it is Chanel, and it is $48.00. Before getting turned off by the price tag, let me tell you why this product will change your life (well make-up routine anyway).

As you can see in the photo, this bronzer is a beautiful golden tan, which doesn't look orange on skin whatsoever. Being a cream product it blends seamlessly and effortlessly into the skin. When I use this product with a brush, I tend to use a contour or mineral powder brush (any brush that is dense), and then blend/buff into the skin. I've also realized how simple it is to use with your fingers, apply directly where you want to bronzer and blend with hands. 

This product is my first cream bronzer, and I have to say I am rarely reaching for my powder bronzer's at all. I find this product leaves the most natural effect on the skin, it really looks like your skin, not a bronzer. I also find myself wearing less of a base on my face, if any at all when using this product.

I feel as though this is an extremely versatile shade, it can work with fair skin tones to deep skin tones. Overall, I really cannot say enough good things about the Tan De Chanel, there isn't a person that I wouldn't recommend it to.  


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  2. very interesting. Never seen a cream bronzer before :) really want to try a cream blusher but to be honest have co clue how to apply it.

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